This sector covers three years data of the following categories.

  1. Schools
  2.  Colleges/Institutions
  3. Universities


Scope & Coverage

1. School

The information covers number of institutions, enrolment and teaching staff of Primary, Middle, and Secondary and Higher Secondary Schools by sex and districts. SEMIS has covered only those institutions which are running under the Administrative control of Education Department, Government of Sindh. Due to non-response from a number of Private Schools, SEMIS has not compiled & published report. However, efforts will continue to cover the non responding private / autonomous schools by SEMIS.

2. Colleges/Institutions

The data of Intermediate, Degree and Post Graduate Colleges (Non-Professional Colleges) such as No. of institutions, enrolment, teaching staff by sex and by district pertaining to Government, Private and Autonomous colleges is given in current issue.

Bureau of Statistics has covered those private and Autonomous (Intermediate & Degree) colleges which are registered with Ex-Directorate of College Education, now District Officer Education (Colleges) and Federal Government. Whereas unregistered Private Colleges are not covered.

In Professional side data of Private / Autonomous Homoeopathic and Tibbia colleges registered with Federal Government is also collected and incorporated in this publication, whereas rest of the categories of colleges / institutions pertains to Government sectors.

On Technical institutions side information of no. of institutions, enrolment and teaching staff by sex and by district pertains to Government institutions only.




School Education Statistics of Sindh

College Education Statistics of Sindh


Annual data in respect of the following items is presented in this section:

  1. Number of Health institutions.
  2. Number of Beds in Health institutions.
  3. Medical & Para-medical Personnel.



These statistics relate to Hospitals, Dispensaries, T.B Clinics, Rural Health Centers, Basic Health Units and Maternity & Child Health Centers located in the Sindh and administrated by Directorate General Health Services, Govt. of Sindh.

The Health institutions belonging to the Federal Govt., Defense Services and Private Doctors are not being covered.


Data Collection System

The Health institutions belonging to Directorate General Health Services in the Province maintain the record of number of beds and outdoor and indoor Patients. All type of Health institutions supply annual statistical returns to the District Health Officers containing information of number of Patients treated for various diseases, number and type of operations performed etc.. The District Health officers submit consolidated returns to the Directorate General of Health Services where the information is tabulated and consolidated at the Provincial level.




Bureau of Statistics conducts Monthly Survey of Industrial Production and Employment to collect information on 96 items manufactured in 31selected large scale Industries covering 598 industrial establishments in Sindh. These industries account for 68.83% of total value added in terms of production during 1980-81, Census of Manufacturing Industries. In addition to collection, compilation, tabulation and processing of data, Bureau of Statistics also computes Index of Industrial Production, which is an important indicator of economy.







Census of Manufacturing Industries (CMI) is conducted as a regular feature through joint Efforts of the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, provincial Directorate of Industries and SINDH Bureau of Statistics with following distribution of job.


Scope & Coverage

Census of Manufacturing Industries (CMI) is conducted under Industrial Statistics Act 1942 and covers those establishments registered under factories act 1934 and engage in manufacturing activities for the whole or part of the year. However the defence and Government workshops through engaged in the manufacturing activities and registered under the factories act are excluded and termed as non-CMI.


CMI is conducted with the collaboration of three following Organization.        

1. Pakistan Bureau of Statistics.

2. Provincial Directorate of Industries.

3. Provincial Bureau of Statistics.

CMI Questionnaire

Census of Manufacturing Industries (CMI) 2015-16 – form

Responsibilities of CMI Section of Sindh B.O.S

  1.  Scrutiny of the filled CMI questionnaire received from the Directorate of Industries.
  2.  Classification of questionnaires on the basis of major manufacturing activity of the establishment.
  3. Editing & Coding of the filled CMI Questionnaire.
  4. Processing of CMI data and supplying the summary tables of the Province to Federal Bureau of Statistics as per approved tabulation plan.
  5.  Estimation of CMI data in respect of non-response cases.
  6. Preparing and issuing preliminary release on CMI .(provincial level)



Census of Manufacturing Industries  (CMI) Sindh 2005-06



This sector includes information on the following:

i)      Land utilization.

ii)     Agricultural inputs: canal   withdrawals, sale of fertilizer, distribution of seeds and       consumption of pesticides.

iii)     Tube wells, bulldozers, plant protection and private & government farms.

iv)     Cropped area, un‑irrigated and irrigated, by different modes of irrigation, total area sown under various crops.

v)    Area, production and yield per hectare of major crops, area & production of minor crops, fruits, vegeta­bles, condiments and pulses.

vi)   Commanded & irrigated area by barrages.



Agriculture Statistics of Sindh 2009




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Sindh Bureau of Statistics, Planning & Development Department, Government of Sindh with collaboration of Pakistan Bureau of Statistics is conducting "Census of Manufacturing Industries 2015-16" from February 2017 in all over Sindh. 

CMI Questionnaire


Census of Manufacturing Industries (CMI) 2015 - 16 - form